Entry: I'll decide my own fate, thanks..... Friday, July 20, 2012

What do you do when you see someoneís calendar and they have thisÖ.




Meeting ďinsert your bossís nameĒ re: ďinsert your nameĒ fate


Now letís not be hasty, it could be anyone in the company who has the same name as you right?


Well except you are the only one.  Then when you ask about it and you are lied to, well you start to get a bit suspicious,


Hereís the thing.  These two people are the last two people on earth who I would ever want in charge of my fate.  Both have repeatedly lied to me over the 6 years Iíve worked where I am at.  Promises made, only to be broken with no excuse.  I havenít had a raise in 5 years.


So this morning, an error I made over 2 months ago was brought to my attention.  Yes, you guessed it, Iím being written up at some point I am sure.  Just waiting for it.  Then the controller calls me and asks when I am repaying the IOU from the cash box.  When I say next payday she starts to say something then hangs up.


So I figure, since I saw the re: my fate thing Iím being fired today instead of next Tuesday.


Moving to this hellhole city was the worst mistake I have made in my whole 44 years and I was a teenager in the 80ís.


Happy Friday.


September 1, 2012   10:12 PM PDT
Oh gosh. That's horrible. :(

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