Entry: Internet Friends.... Monday, July 02, 2012

So I'm asking myself, after a weekend of reflection, at what point does an actual "internet friendship" begin or end?  I mean you have people who you think are your friends that you have met and or interact with on the internet.  But the question is, are these people really your friends? 


I used to think so.  In fact, I used to think that some of the people I considered my closest friends were really my friends IRL, not just internet connections. 


These days though, I'm wondering if I am really just a lot more naive than I thought I was.  Well, not really wondering, more along the lines of being angry with myself because I am a lot more naive than I thought I was or ever wanted to be. 


I know better you see.  I know better than to trust people.  I know better than to count on people.  I know better than to think I can vent or be myself with people because I can't do it with people I see in person, why should I be able to do so with people I interact with online?


So instead of letting these things hurt my feelings, make me cry, make me leave the internet, I think my best bet is to deal with the reality of internet friends =/= irl friends and put the whole thing in the category of people I'm nice too but don't count on for anything.


Now, I need to go find a few warm bodies to convince to be my friend. 


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