Entry: Just Let It Go.... Monday, May 14, 2012

Hey you!  Dammit HEY YOU!!  Yes you, Iím fucking talking to you.  What the fuck?  Did somebody pee in your Cheerios?  Because goddamn it, youíre acting like a total ass. 


Itís time to get your panties out of a wad and get yourself back on track.  I understand youíve not been having the best of time.  Guess what?  It happens to the best of us.  There is every chance my day has sucked just as much, if not more than yours.  But do you see me running all over the fucking board ripping everyone a new asshole?  No.  Because shitting your hate does not mean shitting all over someone to do so.


Did you read that?  Itís the main point of this whole rant.  Here, Iíll give it to you again.


Shitting your hate does not require shitting all over someone to do so.


You have to let it go.  I understand that.  The punching bag in my basement understands that.  Itís unhealthy and wrong to hold all that hate inside of you.  But you have to stop and look at the cause.  Now if it is truly that person who you donít really know who wrote something on an internet forum that you truly hate, then so be it.  Call them out and have a knockdown drag out.  But do it the right way.  Spew your venom, let it out, but keep to the actual point.  Donít drag bullshit from everywhere and anytime else into it.  Address the issue and then just fucking move on.


Thatís the point of shitting your hate you see.  MOVING ON AFTERWARDS!!!!  Itís a catalyst to move forward.  Itís not skimming the scum off a stagnant pool to jump in and float around in the mire.  You have to move on.


So take a deep breath and let it out slowly.  Stop and think about that hate rolling in your gullet.    No dammit, THINK about it.  Take it out, look at it, see how it shines in the light, and see how it shoots sparks.  Isnít it beautiful in a truly terrible way?  It practically hypnotizes you.  Now put all that terribly beautiful hate down in words.  Let it flow.  Let it run like a river of lava destroying everything in its path.  Let the resulting fires burn that rage until you have a pure flame.  Now roast a marshmallow or two and let it go.






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