Entry: What To Do?? Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I know everyone believes that it's best to take a parent who does not pay their child support back to court.  For the most part, if one can afford it, I agree.  For myself though, I don't know. 

First off I still owe the lawyer from the divorce and he is not happy about that. 

Second, the ex is out of work, or so he says, so what good is taking him to court so he has more lawyer fees, airfare, hotel, rental car etc to add to his debt.

Third they will put him in jail in California which will keep him from getting a job and being able to pay his child support or take his license which will do the same thing which is sort of cuttin goff ones nose to spite ones face yanno?

However, I cannot continue to go on with him not paying anything. I've been trying to research how to file in California and maybe light a fire under his ass to get him going.  I don't think he will care if he goes to jail.  I know it will drive him batshit to lose his license but that will ruin him even attempting to find a job.

It's a lose lose situation and I'm the one getting shit on.


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