Entry: It's Cheaper to Die. Monday, July 16, 2012

I'm one of the few lucky people in the world to have both RA and MS.  Now alone either of these can be debilitating.  Together they will fuck you up.  Meds alone run in the thousands per year.  Close to $300 per month because there are no generics.

My health insurance at work just went thru the roof.  Not to mention my ex lost his job and I have to carry the kids on my insurance now.  As he isn't working, no child support is coming in either.

I sat down this weekend and crunched some numbers because my Gyno wants me to have a hysterectomy like yesterday as a tumor they diagnosed on 2007 that was the size of a golfball, is now larger than a softball.  With the new deductable it is impossible to get the surgery and pay for my meds.  Hell, without the child support, I've been off my meds since he missed his third payment last year anyway.  So now, I discovered something quite disturbing for me.  Short of getting a double my pay increase, it is cheaper for me to cancel all health insurance and take out a good life insurance policy.  In other words, it's cheaper for me to die.

The payments for the insurance and the prepaid cremation are almost half of what my medical was per paycheck.  Hospice will be free for my last days or weeks, and they won't come after my kids for anything as they are all under 21 and not legally responsible for my debt anyway.

So, today I made the decision to die.  It will take a few years, they are estimating 3. In that time I will have had the life insurance over 2 years and a prepaid cremation will be paid in full.  My kids will be well taken care of as the insurance is $500,000.00.  The only thing left to do is just die.



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