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I am just your average Witch. Many of my beliefs come from various places along the Path of what most term as the Occult. Call it Paganism, Kemeticism, Druidism and a lot if 'isms they all make up the beliefs I hold dear. I am a dreamer of dreams and a seeker of visions. I have spoken to the man in the mountain, and praised the Goddess in the clouds. I was gifted to see pieces of tomorrow and blessed with seeing lifetimes of the past. My interests are as varied as the wind and as simple as the earth. I am a witch, a descendent of the Fae, and a believer and neighbor to the "Little People" who still reside today. Say what you will of me, it matters not, for I am a daughter of the Goddess and under her divine protection.

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~*~ Iris for wisdom, bluebell for truth, juniper for protection, lemon for youth, eucalyptus for healing, plumeria for love, marigold to divine messages from the Goddess above. A spell that is simple, fragrant and sweet, and will open the hearts of those that you meet! ~*~

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Sunday, August 26, 2012
Things Got Worse...
I have yet to see a penny of child support. Unemploment has not come yet. So though I did get a new job, I can't cover my bills until I start the new job. On top of it all my idiot son, who has already totalled 2 cars, decided I didn't know what I was talking about and so hasn't bothered to check the water and overheated my car and now it's fucked. I have no one. No family except my children. My folks have passed and any aunts or uncles or cousins are either so far removed or so snobby they don't know I exist. I have never been to this point in my life. I would honestly just rather die than continue on in total poverty. Only eating every couplw of dayz so the kids have food. Hell I can't even buy tampons or pads. I've been stuffing my underwear with toilet tissue until I realized I only had one roll left. There is enough food so the kids can eat tonight and tomorrow then nothing. I will have to walk the three miles to the food bank and pray they'll not ask a lot of questions. Otherwise they'll call DCF and I'll lose the kids. How did my life get this bad so fast? What did I do to deserve this? I'd shoot myself right now if I had a damn gun. They stole those in the first break in. How lucky is that?

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